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Stuart Klein MA, LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Ohio License: E1358
Montana License: 803

Hi! My name is Stuart Klein and I'm the founder of "Tele-Therapist", a convenient and confidential way to receive professional phone counseling.

During my 23 years of practice in the mental health profession, I have observed that many people don't feel comfortable going to a therapist's office. They may be concerned about being seen by friends or neighbors, the loss of privacy, reluctance to talk to a therapist face-to-face, the inconvenience of driving back and forth, the expense, or any number of reasons. These are all valid concerns and I believe that phone counseling can relieve some, if not all, of them.

Tele-Therapist is for:
  • People who want total and complete privacy and confidentiality.

  • People who live in isolated areas, are homebound, or do not have access to therapy services.

  • People who desire the convenience of receiving counseling in their home or office.

  • People who want assurance that their therapist is highly skilled, compassionate, trained, and credentialed in the art and science of psychotherapy.

  • People with issues of depression, self-esteem, relationship problems, stress, grief and loss, anxiety, agoraphobia, sexual issues, abuse, recovery from trauma, addiction, mental illness, life transition, or work difficulties.

  • People who want affordable therapy. Since I have no office overhead, Tele-Therapist is lower priced than the majority of other therapists. All sessions are conducted on my toll free line (1-888-825-5270) and billing is easy through VisaŽ or MasterCardŽ. $60 per hour session, $35 per half hour session. To ensure confidentiality, the billing name on your credit card statement will not be "Tele-Therapist", but instead will be "S KLEIN".

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CALL TOLL FREE: 1-888-825-5270
E-MAIL sklein@tele-therapist.com

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